Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Whom it May Concern

This is my first blog. I decided to dedicate it to the advancements of technology which will have a profound effect on the world as we know it. The title has been borrowed from Ray Kurzweil. The title, The Singularity, is mentioned, among other places, in Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity is Near. In it, he suggests that the evolution of technology will soon expand so rapidly that the world will change seemingly continuously.

The singularity is a general period or moment in the future after which technology will evolve so voraciously that the social world will be dramatically different than from before it.

The name I have chosen, Nochte Elphi, is an anagram for technophile. The first, nochte, is close to nocte which is latin for night. The second, elphi, is very similiar to delphi which, among other things, is a town in Greece which used to hold the omphalas stone considered to be the center of the universe. It also contained a seemingly eternal flame. I chose this name then as a symbol that the technologies posted here will be the source of an eternal flame in what, from the perspective of post-singularity atleast, is currently a time of night.


Infophile said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I have to say, I'm something of a fan of Kurzweil myself. At first, a lot of his predictions seemed pretty out there, but what matters is the results, and he got results (designing programs for computers that hadn't even been built yet). The concept of the singularity is particularly interesting, though I doubt the world will be quick to change. Even if there are big advances like human-intelligence AI, society is going to put up a lot of resistance to change. Maybe this resistance will even be enough to slow down the progress of technology. Well, we'll see.

Nochte Elphi said...

There is no doubt in my mind that society will impede the progress of technology. It has happened in the past, why should the future be different, in this regard?

Even though this will have an effect it will only be an effect of impedance.

This means that it will not progress as fast as it could. However, relative to the progression happening today, the future will still progress much much quicker.

Simply put, even though society (not to mention bureaucracy) may slow down the progress technology is powerful enough that the results of this impeded progression will still be immensly profound.

Deepak Gupta said...

Welcome ... and to whomsoever it may concern .. blog it out